Teng Teng - Challenge

Desktop web game | Strategy

Deni has migrated to the city and studied there. There he made many new friends. One of them challenged him to visit the public library across the street from their campus. The rule is that Deni must be in the library until past midnight. His friends think this is just a game, but he doesn't know what will happen in the library past midnight.


Susun Atas

Mobile web game | Puzzle

Now you are hired to work in a shipping company. This is your first day working here, so you have to show your best. But unfortunately on the first day you work, you get the hardest work that should be done by professionals. You have to load packages into the truck quickly and correctly. Maybe you already thought you would work for a while and get fired soon, but that's okay because at least you tried to work well.


Saya Hanya Bola - Tergelinding Tak Berdaya

Desktop web game | Puzzle

Deni is an unlucky man. He just broke up because his girlfriend was attracted to Deni's friend who was better looking. Help Deni to rise from his despair and get revenge.

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